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Mt Kenya is the second highest peak in Africa, being an ancient extinct volcanic mountain it is regarded as the realm of God by the local communities. They traditionally built their homes facing it. Mt Kenya highest peak is Batian which is 5,199 meters above sea level, followed by Nelion- 5,188 meters.

 It is located in Central Kenya south of the equator and is the source of the name of the republic of Kenya.Its forested slopes are an important  source of water for much of kenya. Before glaciation  Mount Kenya was 7,000,meters and was covered by an ice cap.The Government created a National  park around the mountain.

It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and protects the region surrounding Mount Kenya with diverse wildlife including Giant forest hog, tree Hyrax, White-tailed mongoose, elephants,  Black rhinos, mole- rat and over 130 species of bird species.

Below is a list of popular accomodation options available in Mt Kenya

Sweetwaters Tented Camp Mt Kenya Naromoru Lodge Mt Kenya Mountain Serena Lodge
Mt Kenya Safari Club


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