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Maasai Mara National Park
The animal miracle of the wilderbeest,the 7th wonder of the modern world across the savannah from the serengeti grasslands where thousands of wilderbeests are drawn every year,they face the only natural hundle the mara river the crocodile infested river

Amboseli National Park
Famous for the free ranging elephant at the foot of the Mt Kilimanjaro. spectacular view of the snow capped Mt Kilimanjaro lions,buffalloes also found here.

Lake Nakuru National Park
Famous for the largest population of the pink flamigoes holding half the of the world population, it also the conservation santuary of the white rhino the rare roth child giraffe, hippos and over 100 species of other birds.

Mt. Kenya National Park
Hold the pride of some of the worlds greatest ice climbing including 32 jewel like tarns amazing melonistic animals eg black leopard, fantastic bird raptors it the africas last equitorial forest eg bamboo, podo, and spanish moss present is the black and white colobus monkey.

Aberdare National Park
Famous for its giant alpine plants and spectacular water Viz Guni falls a waving plume almost 1000ft, very wqild lions, elephant and rhinos also the home of the rarest african antelope the bongo.

Tsavo East and West National Parks
Famous for the large herd of elephant, buffallo and gazelles,giraffes and zebra mzima springs dried shetani lava floor lugard  falls sun bathing nile crocodile and the galana ranch.

The Mombasa Beaches
Enjoy the breath taking view of the blue waters and the stunning white beaches.


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